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Urea Remover From Aqueous Solutions

  • Package: 1kg, 5kg,50kg plastic drum or as per clients' need
  • Dosage: 25 g per 10,000 L of water (3.3 ounce per 10,000 US gallon)
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    Cyanuric Acid Remover

    Cyanuric acid is used as chlorine conditioner. If the level of cyanuric acid is too high (e.g. 100 ppm), chlorine lock will occur and the efficiency of chlorine will drop to a very low level. Now, we get some progess to reduce cyanuric acid from 70 ppm to 50 ppm.

    Other confidential patents products, please contact us for more details.

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    Cyanuric Acid Remover
    Cyanuric Acid Remover1

    Swimming Pool Test Strip

    Specification :

    Test strips Production description
    3 in 1 Free Chlorine/Bromine Total Alkalinity PH
    4 in 1


    Free Chlorine/Bromine Cyanuric Acid Total Alkalinity PH
    5 in 1


    Free Chlorine/Bromine Total Chlorine Cyanuric Acid Total Alkalinity PH
    7 in 1 Total Hardness Free Chlorine/Bromine Total Chlorine Cyanuric Acid Total Alkalinity PH
    Size 10x0.5cm
    Package ​100strips in one bottle,one bottle in carton box, then in 12kg carton box

    Usage: Swimming pool test strip is used for water quality testing in swimming pools or and spa.

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    1. Our factory has pharmaceutical reagents production background for many years, so pool test strips accuracy is higher.

    2. In China, there are only several producer for liquid OTO+Phenol red, and/or paper strip, but for liquid, all is very average quality and not very reliable. For this type test paper strip ,quality is very wonderful,all our clients feedback from EU/ South America etc is pretty good, and in Amazon top 6 brands all custom-made from this source.

    3. Independent laboratory ensures continuous product development.

    4. Cooperation with well-known universities in China to enhance R&D strength.

    5. Cooperate with international brands to understand the needs in the industry.

    6. Competitive price as a supplier.

    7. Clients use experience is much better than other brands, such as : No disturb of each color block in the same paper strip after contacted with water. The standard index colors difference on the bottle is more accurate than other brands.

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    Urea Remover
    Urea Remover1q

    Urea Remover

    Urea Remover: effectively remove urea in swimming pools, thus increase the efficiency of chlorine, decrease the negative influence from ammonium. Strong effect.

    Dosage: 25 g per 10,000 L of water (3.3 ounce per 10,000 US gallon).

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