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Sodium fluorosilicate appears as white crystal, crystalline powder, or colorless hexagonal crystals. It is odorless and tasteless. Its relative density is 2.68; it has moisture absorption capability. It can be dissolved in a solvent such as an ethyl ether but is insoluble in alcohol. The solubility in acid is more excellent than that in water. It can be decomposed in an alkaline solution, generating sodium fluoride and silica. After searing (300 ℃), it is decomposed into sodium fluoride and silicon tetrafluoride.

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Flammability And Hazard Characteristics

It is non-combustible with fire releasing toxic fluoride and sodium oxide, silica smoke; when it is reacted with an acid, it can generate poisonous hydrogen fluoride.

Storage Characteristics

Treasury: ventilation, low-temperature, and drying; store it separately from food and acid.

Technical Specification

Items Index
Sodium fluorosilicate (%) 99.0 MIN
Fluorine (as F, %) 59.7 MIN
Water insoluble matter 0.50 MAX
Loss of weight (105℃) 0.30 MAX
Free acid (as HCl, %) 0.10 MAX
Chloride (as Cl-, %) 0.10 MAX
Sulphate (as SO42-, %) 0.25 MAX
Iron (as Fe, %) 0.02 MAX
Heavy metal (as Pb, %) 0.01 MAX
Particale Size Distribution:
Passing through 420 micron (40 mesh) sieve 98 MIN
Passing through 250 micron (60 mesh) sieve 90 MIN
Passing through 150 micron (100 mesh) sieve 90 MIN
Passing through 74 micron (200 mesh) sieve 50 MIN
Passing through 44 micron (325 mesh) sieve 25 MAX
Packing 25 kg plastics bag


This product is toxic with a stimulating effect on the respiratory organ. People of mistakenly oral poisoning will get severe symptoms of damage to the gastrointestinal tract with the lethal dose being 0.4~4g. During the working of the operator, they should wear the necessary protective equipment to prevent poisoning. Production equipment should be sealed and the workshop should be well ventilated.

Water Treatment Sodium Silicofluoride, Sodium Fluorosilicate, SSF, Na2SiF6.

Sodium fluorosilicate can be called sodium silicofluoride, or sodium hexafluorosilicate, SSF. The price of sodium fluorosilicate can be based on product capacity, and the purity that the buyer need.


● As an opacifying agent for vitreous enamels and opalescent glass.

● As coagulant for latex.

● As a preservative agent of wood.

● As a flux in the melting of light metals.

● As an acidifying agent in the textile industry.

● Also applied in zirconia pigments, frits, ceramic enamels, and pharmaceutical industries.

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