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Pool conditioner stabilizer

  • CAS RN: 108-80-5
  • Formula: (CNOH)3
  • Molecular Weight: 129.08
  • Molecular Weight: 219.95
  • Condition to Avoid: Hygroscopic
  • Sample: Free
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    Pool conditioner stabilizer ( Cyanuric Acid ) is a vital pool maintenance chemical. Its primary role is to enhance chlorine stability, reducing chlorine loss due to sunlight. This extends the effectiveness of chlorine, ensuring clean and hygienic pool water. Easy to use and essential for pool owners to maintain optimal water quality.

    Technical Parameter

    Items Cyanuric Acid granules Cyanuric Acid powder
    Appearance White crystalline granules White crystalline powder
    Purity (%, on dry basis) 98 MIN 98.5 MIN
    Granularity 8 - 30 mesh 100 mesh, 95% pass through


    The advantages of pool conditioner stabilizer include:

    Chlorine Conservation: It helps preserve chlorine levels, reducing the need for frequent additions.

    Extended Chlorine Effectiveness: Stabilizer prevents chlorine breakdown from UV rays, ensuring longer-lasting sanitization.

    Cost-Efficiency: Saves money by minimizing chlorine usage and pool chemical expenses.

    Water Quality: Maintains consistently clean and safe swimming pool water.


    Custom Packaging: Yuncang may offer custom packaging solutions to meet specific requirements.


    Packaging Requirements: Cyanuric acid should be transported in suitable packaging that complies with international and regional transport regulations. Packaging must be sealed to prevent leakage and must contain proper labeling and hazardous materials markings.

    Mode of transportation: Follow transportation regulations and choose the appropriate mode of transportation, usually road, rail, sea or air. Ensure transport vehicles have appropriate handling equipment.

    Temperature Control: Avoid high temperatures and extreme cold with cyanuric acid as this may affect its stability.


    Pool conditioner stabilizer is crucial for maintaining pool water quality. It is added to the pool to extend the effectiveness of chlorine. By preventing chlorine from degrading due to sunlight (UV rays), stabilizer reduces chlorine consumption and the need for frequent re-chlorination. This results in cost savings and helps maintain optimal sanitation levels. Regular testing of stabilizer levels and adjustment ensures a well-balanced pool, providing swimmers with a safe and enjoyable experience while minimizing the hassle of chemical maintenance.

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