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PAM Flocculant

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  • Type: Anionic PAM / Cationic PAM / Non-ionic PAM / Amphoteric PAM
  • Application: Oil Field / Mine wastewater / Paper making / Printing and Dyeing
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    Polyacrylamide flocculants are advanced chemical agents designed to optimize solid-liquid separation processes in various industries. Known for their exceptional water-solubility and high molecular weight, these flocculants play a crucial role in wastewater treatment, mining, oil and gas, and other applications where efficient particle removal is essential.

    Technical Specification

    Type Cationic PAM (CPAM) Anionic PAM(APAM) Nonionic PAM(NPAM)
    Appearance White powder White powder White powder
    Solid content, % 88 MIN 88 MIN 88 MIN
    pH Value 3 - 8 5 - 8 5 - 8
    Molecular Weight, x106 6 - 15 5 - 26 3 - 12
    Degree of Ion, % Low,
    Dissolving Time, min 60 - 120


    Wastewater Treatment: In municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, polyacrylamide flocculants aid in the precipitation of suspended solids, organic matter, and other contaminants, resulting in cleaner effluent.

    Mining: Used in the mining industry, these flocculants assist in solid-liquid separation processes, facilitating the recovery of valuable minerals and minimizing environmental impact.

    Oil and Gas: In the oil and gas sector, polyacrylamide flocculants are employed to enhance water clarification during the treatment of produced water, reducing the environmental footprint of oilfield operations.

    Paper and Pulp: Our flocculants find application in the paper and pulp industry, where they contribute to the effective removal of colloidal substances, fines, and other impurities from process water.

    Textile: In textile wastewater treatment, polyacrylamide flocculants aid in the removal of dyes, suspended solids, and other pollutants, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

    Usage Guidelines

    Dosage: Optimal dosage depends on specific water conditions and treatment objectives. Consult our technical guidelines for precise recommendations.

    Mixing: Ensure thorough mixing for even distribution of the flocculant. Mechanical mixing equipment is recommended for large-scale applications.

    pH Control: Effective pH control enhances the performance of polyacrylamide flocculants. Adjust pH levels as needed for optimal results.

    Choose our polyacrylamide flocculants for superior solid-liquid separation and water clarification across diverse industrial applications. Our commitment to quality ensures reliable and efficient performance, meeting the stringent requirements of modern environmental standards.


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